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Park kulturyi 590 m, Kropotkinskaya 790 m Prechistenka street, 21
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Academy of Arts RAA


Russian Academy of Arts with a touch of the past, founded in 1757

Mon: 12:00–20:00
Sun: 12:00–19:00

History of creation

The idea of ​​creating the Academy of Sciences and Arts in Russia were expressed by Peter the First in the late 1690s.

The Academy of Arts was established by decision of the Senate November 6, 1757 in the reign of Empress Elizabeth in St. Petersburg on the initiative of the great Russian scientist Lomonosov and the well-known educator of that time Shuvalov.

In 1764 Catherine the Great approved the Charter and staff and granted her Privilege to the Imperial Academy of Arts. The construction of the stone building of the Academy, designed by Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe and Alexander Kokorinov and located on the banks of the Neva, began the same year and ended in 1788.

Today RAA

Russian Academy of Arts is the largest center of national artistic culture. It is heir to the Imperial Academy of Arts and legal successor of the USSR Academy of Arts.

Currently the Academy with all of its member creative, teaching, research and museum institutions has no analogues in the world. It is the organization that implements common national interests in the development of artistic culture and aesthetic education and affirms the fundamental humanistic values​​.

Russian Academy of Arts is among the high-value objects of national heritage of the peoples of Russia.

The supreme body of the Academy of Arts is The Session (The General Meeting of full members and correspondent members). Between the meetings the activities of the Academy are directed by the Presidium headed by the President.

Activities of the Academy

New art schools across the country are opened under the auspices of the Academy of Fine Arts. Extensive reconstruction of the oldest art schools is carried out as well.

Academy of Arts takes an active part in the implementation of the largest art projects such as restoration of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow, the construction of the Victory Memorial on Poklonnaya Hill and many others.

The Academy cares about the future of Russian art and culture. It seeks to preserve and enrich the pedagogical principles of the national art school, combine all the most talented and significant that is in the Russian art.

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Park kulturyi 590 m, Kropotkinskaya 790 m
Moscow, Prechistenka street, 21

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