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Kitay-gorod 680 m 6, Pevchesky Lane
  • (495) 775 60 75

Restaurant Expedicia


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Shop & Bar Denis Simachёv

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Restaurant Karlsson

  • Евгений Мартынов
  • Галина Бобровская
  • Даша Ильина
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Karlsson’s favorite dish is jam but the restaurant has a lot more tasty things to offer

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Restaurant Uilliam's

Uilliam Lamberti’s own restaurant

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Piano-bar and homemade food restaurant in an old Moscow apartment

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  • Алёшка Глюкин
  • Анюта
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Paris café on Tsvetnoy Boulevard

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Grandma's lampshades and old red Soviet TV set

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  • Kate Rocky
  • Алиночка Милевская
  • Julia Shtokalo
  • Empire V
  • Helene Plettenberg
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Restaurant Schastye

A branch of a Saint Petersburg restaurant chain located near Chystyie Prudy

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Italian family restaurant in the heart of Moscow

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  • Andrey Tishkov
  • Olesia Golyavina
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Restoran Ugolek

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Farmer Projects Lavka Lavka

Support the local farmer!
Provide yourself with high quality rural food

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Scandinavian Restaurant Björn

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Restaurant Restaurant Bunker 42

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Restaurant Il Pomodoro

The first in Moscow to receive a certificate by Italian Féderation of Pizzaiolo

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Restoran, bar i veranda 32.05

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Taste Czech cuisine on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment

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