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Classic style in the neoclassical compilation

Stockholm Public Library by Gunnar Asplund

Upon the start of the project, Asplund placed the library on the corner of the L-shaped parcel of land. The other two parts of the land would be used for other community spaces; one would become a park, the other a market hall. While the library was being constructed, Asplund entered and won a competition to design the park adjacent to the library. He envisioned a large rectilinear pond surrounded with flowing streams and waterfalls, although the final design was modified to be more probable. The building committee also asked him to design the market hall, although this portion of the project was never built.

The classic style of the architecture is revealed in the neoclassical composition of the parti. Interior reading rooms form a square with an open courtyard in the center of the library, which is almost entirely filled by a round lending hall. Beginning as a dome, the lending hall eventually became a tall cylinder for structural, economical and formal reasons. The only points of accessibility to the central area of the library are found at the four tangent points.

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Stockholm, Sveavägen 73

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