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Suharevskaya 300 m, Prospekt Mira 570 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 910 m

Secret object Pressure chamber


A neglected secret object “Pressure Chamber”


In the end of 1960s, in the institute of physiology was built a department. It was equipped with pressure chambers of special design ordered from one Japanese company as unique models. In fact, a full series No1528 in accordance with a Contract No46/49722-260 consisted of 4 apparatus.

They were installed in a department which was built on an order of the institute, to be precise, a department was built around them. The dimensions of the apparatus did not allowed to mount them in an already built facilities. They were indented to make tests on human. Volunteer “test persons” as they were called at that time were lifted in this pressure chambers on thousands of meters while measuring changes in their bodies.

Former research institute

Earlier here stood a lot of equipment for experimental researches, and now here are just bare walls and flaked paint.

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Suharevskaya 300 m, Prospekt Mira 570 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 910 m

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