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Trubnaya 230 m, Tsvetnoy bulvar 260 m, Chehovskaya 620 m perviy Kolobovskiy pereulok 11
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Restaurant Piccolino


Dine in an Italian family restaurant in downtown of Moscow

daily: 12:00–00:00

Fresh mussels in a frying pan with pieces of toasted bread — 890 rub.
Young octopus on fresh rucola — 840 rub.
Gnocchi parmigiana — 440 rub.

In Italian, ‘Piccolino’ means ‘small’.

It would be the most regular restaurant in Italia and the most unusual Italian restaurant in Moscow.

The restaurant consists of two halls for 70 persons and a VIP-room.

In summertime, visit our comfortable open pavilion with a barbecue and a wooden stove.

Piccolino offers its clients typical Italian comfort food, such as mussel soup, fish and meat carpaccio, gnocchi, pizza, fresh fish and famous Italian sabayon for a dessert.

The restaurant’s chef is a young Italian, Alessio Gini. He makes perfect authentic dishes which you can find only in Italian country restaurants.

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Trubnaya 230 m, Tsvetnoy bulvar 260 m, Chehovskaya 620 m
Moscow, perviy Kolobovskiy pereulok 11

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