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Tverskaya 630 m, Pushkinskaya 630 m, Mayakovskaya 800 m Spiridonevsky lane, 12/9

Italian restaraunt Mama's Pasta


Family restaurant serving tasty dishes

daily: 12:00–00:00

‘Mama’s Pasta’ sticks to the idea that everything at the restaurant should be home-like, from its interior to the menu.

That is why the restaurant has an atmosphere of a cozy spacious Italian home where traditions are carefully preserved. It features whitewashed walls, plenty of knick-knacks, homemade sealed food jars on the shelves, copper tableware, pot flowers, white tablecloths and wooden furniture, all this disposing to an unhurried meal.

Every day, at the restaurant, they cook handmade pasta by kneading, rolling and cutting dough. It is made of hard wheat to be served with porcinis and cream sauce, seafood, sweet tomatoes or portobello mushrooms.

It is sure that the restaurant features a children’s room because it is a family restaurant! At weekends, we have a nanny who entertains children by painting, singing and dancing with them, while their parents are enjoying being kids themselves, surrounded by a mother’s care.

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