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Vorobi, Kaluzhskaya Oblast
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Park Vorobyi


The unique bird park Sparrows was opened in the summer of 2005 in Zhukovsky district

daily: 10:00–00:00

Entrance ticket: 50-250 rub.

Sparrows if the first bird park in Russia. It lies near the village with unexpected name Vorob’yi (Sparrows) on the bank of river Istya and works all year round.

Dwellers of the park

There are more than 200 species of birds in the park collection: peacock, parrot, pelican, ostrich, stork, crane, pheasant and predators. You can also visit the permanent exhibition of poultry: doves, chickens of fancy breeds, geese, ducks and turkey.

But creators of the park didn’t stop on birds, they also brought some animals.

The most usual hares live here beside raccoons, roes, South American hogs, few species of monkeys and other animals. Here you can see even small African antelopes dik-dik.

Here also live toads and frogs, turtles and lizards, snakes and crocodiles, marmosets, lemurs, kangaroos, raccoons, fallow deer, caracals and servals.

Leisure in the park

The territory of the park has well designed structure with landscaping and a lot of arbors and benches.

Children can ride a pony, or ride in the open carriage with the whole family. In winter have fun with inflatable tubings.

If you love active leisure, visit out paintball club “Berkut” (meaning “golden eagle”) or go fishing at our ponds.

Accommodation and food

There is a hotel “Ivolga” in the park and 7 wooden houses on the high bank of the river Istasya. There are also two saunas, free parking, barbecue meadow and a café.

The bird park is a fairy world and a fest for your soul.

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Moscow, Vorobi, Kaluzhskaya Oblast

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