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Park Kuzminki


A forest park around the manor with ponds to the south-west of Moscow

daily: 11:00–19:00

Boats — 350 rub.
Bicycles — 250 rub/h
Roller skates — 150 rub/h

The park was founded in 1977. Its major part if a former manor of Kuzmin.

The first owner of this land given by the Peter I was Grigory Stroganov. Later it came into possession of Galitzines.

In the end of XVIII century the owners of the manor paid great attention to a landscape design. They constructed a cascade of four ponds on the river which is still there today. This area has a special microclimate.


The main entrance to the park is considered to be the Kuzminskaya street. Earlier here stood front gates of the manor. On the territory of the park you can see a lot of interesting buildings.

Some of them are the Church of Blachernitissa, stable-yard with a music pavilion, house on a dam, barn-yard, kitchen, caverns, orangery and outhouses.

There are several museums on the territory of the park: literary museum, carriage and automobile museum, museum of Galitzines manor and Russian manor household.
On the territory of a stable-yard you can visit horse stables, carriage, forage and barn sheds as well as a riding hall.

During the summer period you can ride boats or water cycles as well as a small motor ship “Melnik Kuzma” (miller Kuzma).

There also cafes, swings and attractions in the park. Children can ride horses or ponies. For older children a game program “Find the treasure of Kuzma” takes place. During this game children can get an idea of life and household of manor owners and the park.

In summer here takes place festival of flower beds. The most beautiful flower beds delight the eyes of the visitors.


More than 100 animal species live in the Kuzminsky forest park, including foxes, squirrels, hares, hedgehogs, moles, weasels and mouse-like rodents.

There are roaches, red eyes, crucian carps, gudgeons and other fish in the ponds.

You can also see a lot of such birds as kinglets, coal tits, chickadees, siskins, red-breasted flycatchers, European chiffchaffs and others.

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Moscow, 108, Yunyh Lenintsev

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