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Teplyiy stan 690 m 123, Profsouznaya Street
  • (495) 339 45 44

Museum Paleontologic


Wed–Sun: 10:00–18:00

total — 150 r.,
entitled to benefits (for seniors, schools and universities) — 70,
Children under 6 years, participants WWII, museum workers — for free.

Once in the middle of the XIX century a dinner for 20 persons was served inside the remains of a dinosaur

5,000 square meter

Rich and varied interior design of the Museum promotes a sense of tangible contact with the mysteries of the past ages.

Monumental and graphic works of Moscow best animal artists are presented here.

The word «dinosaur» comes from the ancient Greek δεινός — horrible, terrible, dangerous, and σαῦρος — lizard.

More than 5,000 exhibits

The exposition is opened with with the introductory hall, telling about the subjects and problems of paleontogy, its history, main sections and place among the other sciences and practical importance.

The second hall, Hall of Precambrian and Early Paleozoic, introduces the very first inhabitants of the Earth, as well as a huge variety of invertebrates and plants.

A small third hall is devoted to the geological history of the Moscow region.

The fourth hall features the oldest vertebrates and Late Paleozoic — early Mesozoic fauna.

The fifth hall — Hall of the Mesozoic, acquaints you with the community of of Jurassic and Cretaceous water bodies, unique collections of dinosaurs and birds.

The last, sixth hall of the Museum demonstrates a variety of mammals and unique fauna of the Cenozoic.

Circle for kids

At the lessons you can learn how did life on Earth originate, how it evolved and how animals lived in a distant time.

In addition to theoretical studies we visit the careers and sites where the fossilized inhabitants of the f the Moscow Sea are preserved. All trips take one day (Sunday) and aim points in Moscow or the Moscow region (within 100 km from Moscow).

Children will be able to find fossils of animals that lived in Moscow and the region 100-320 million years ago.

Trips of every child of the first year are strictly accompanied by an adult.
The circle has several groups for children of all school-ages, including lower grades.
Classes are free and run from September to May on Saturdays, starting at 1 p.m. There are no studies during school holidays.
In order to register in a circle children should come to class with their parents. The group gathering is held Collection of groups is held in the foyer of the Museum of Paleontology (Profsoyuznaya St., 123) near the window of «Taphonomy» opposite to the dressing room.

Record is made ​​during the school year and there are no restrictions on the number of students.

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