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Butyirskaya 930 m Akademika Koroleva Street, 15, bldg 2
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TV Tower Ostankino


Climb the tallest tower in Russia

Tue–Sun: 10:00–21:00

Tour to a closed platform:
Adults — 850 rub.
Children/teenagers — 450 rub.

Tour to a closed and an open platforms:
Adults — 1,200 rub.
Children — 600 rub.
Details on tours

Observation platform

During more than 40 years of tower existence its observation platform was visited by more than 10 millions of guests, including tourists from more than 100 countries.

If you decided to visit this place, make sure to leave a previous request for admission (better do it in person), because internet-requests are not frequently answered. Besides, you can’t leave a request by phone due to constant occupancy of operators.

You should also consider that admission for weekends has already been written month forward and weekdays — one week forward. Tours to an open platform are made only if the weather conditions allow for this.

Get the unforgettable experience while walking on a glass floor at 337 meters high. A speed elevator feels like take-off of a plain, although moves faster and not that scary. Near the tower there is an exhibition of old cars on the street.

All the tours include guidance, photo-show that points the objects within the view zone from the tower. There are works of top architects who make exhibitions abroad. You can take here free photos with their works.


Within the action radius of transducers live more than 15 mln. people.

Television transducers located on the fifth level of tower base.

Concert hall and restaurant

‘Korolyovsky’ Concert Hall (Russian for 'Royal') is located in the sightseeing department of Ostankino TV Tower.

Before the great fire of 2000, the restaurant “Seventh Heaven” was situated at a height of 328-334 meters and occupied 3 levels (golden, silver and bronze). Annular restaurant made one to two spins per 40 minute around its axis.

Races on the height of 337 meters take place on the stairs of Ostankino. The best result so far is 11 minutes 55 seconds.

During the 30 year history of the tower more than 10 mln. guests visited its viewing platform and restaurant.

It took Nikitin one night to think out the project

The prototype of the tower is a lily turned upside down — a flower with strong petals and thick scape.
Initially the tower must have had four supports but then the number was increased to 10.

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Butyirskaya 930 m
Moscow, Akademika Koroleva Street, 15, bldg 2

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