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Smolenskaya 640 m, Krasnopresnenskaya 820 m, Barrikadnaya 890 m 1 floor, 36 bldg. 3, Noviy Arbat
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Restaurant Noviy


Interactive bar in ‘Sphere’ shopping center

daily: 11:00–23:00

Duck prosciutto with pear and blue cheese cream — 510 rub.
Tai salad with beef and ‘Dark muckovado’ syrup — 540 rub.
Tuna and melon salad with ‘Bombay’ sauce — 610 rub.
Scallops with porcini cream — 750 rub.
Potato ‘Gnocchi’ with seasonal vegetables — 420 rub.
Pumpkin cream with coconut sauce, apples and cinnamon — 390 rub.
‘Noviy’ borsch with beet espuma and farm sour cream — 420 rub.
‘Confy’ duck with risotto and tomato jam — 750 rub.
Beef short-rib with candied vegetables — 850 rub.
Crispy Sea breams with sweet potatoes — 650 rub.
Lamb ribs with red onion jam — 920 rub.
Chicken with ‘pico de gallo’ salsa — 790 rub.
Potato puree — 190 rub.
Steak fries — 180 rub.
Josper roasted vegetables — 350 rub.

The restaurant is very unusual. The table itself is an interactive menu with amusing animation and simple navigation. While you are waiting for your order, you can play games or send an electronic greeting card to someone.

The walls of the restaurant are also equipped with interactive installations which react to movements.

This is the largest restaurant in the world which will undoubtedly surprise you with performance of its most advanced projection devices.

The interior of the restaurant managed to avoid high-tech influence and presents marble, leather sofas and ‘dacha-style’ walls made of old wood.

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Smolenskaya 640 m, Krasnopresnenskaya 820 m, Barrikadnaya 890 m
Moscow, 1 floor, 36 bldg. 3, Noviy Arbat

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