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Domodedovskaya 200 m 3rd floor, 15, Orehovyy Boulevard
  • (495) 276 02 34, 781 78 19 — delivery

Japanese Food Restaurant Niyama


Japanese restaurant in Vodoley Shopping Center

daily: 10:00–24:00

Hotate sushi — 70 rub.
Matsu roll — 275 rub.
Tago Garu set — 985 rub.
Salmon carpaccio — 180 rub.
Smoked eel served with vegetables — 260 rub.
Business lunch — 215 rub. — 370 rub.

The philosophy of Nijama restaurant chain is careful, honest and attentive attitude to the client. The word ‘nijama’ stands for ‘moral purity’ in Sanskrit.

The restaurant is located in Vodoley Shopping Center on Domodedovskaya Street. Its interior with sails and pictures of boats, starfish, seashells and fish on the walls, reminds you of the sea. Its background music, just like the music of the sea, works soothing on you.

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