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Smolenskaya 510 m, Barrikadnaya 840 m, Krasnopresnenskaya 850 m 11, Novinskiy Boulevard
  • (495) 605 17 84

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Restaurant with American vibe

Mon –Fri: 7.30 a.m. – 11.45 p.m.
Sat, Sun: 9 a.m. – 11.45 p.m.

Spinach with tangerines — 420 rub.
Tuna and trout tar tar — 620 rub.
Dried Parma ham — 490 rub.
Tongue and honey mushrooms salad — 640 rub.
Veal fajitas — 690 rub.
Meat lasagna — 410 rub.
Crispy river and sea fish cutlet burger — 690 rub.
Natural beef steak burger — 630 rub.
Chicken heart consommé — 380 rub.
Thai coconut soup — 450 rub.
‘Parma’ melon soup — 450 rub.
Australian beef tenderloin steak — 1,190 rub.
Beef tenderloin a la Stroganoff — 550 rub.
Norwegian halibut — 980 rub.
Buckwheat with porcinis — 320 rub.
Mashed potatoes — 200 rub.
Warm apple cake — 250 rub.
Pancakes served with wild berries — 210 rub.
Panna cotta — 250 rub.

Within a five-minute distance to the White House, next to the United States Embassy, there is this special restaurant giving you ‘face-to-face communication’.

Its atmosphere is a contrast between the information space and the world of personal contacts.

The restaurant features smoking and non-smoking zones and a cozy bar.

In the evenings, they show movies and sports translations, such as football, rugby and hockey.

A wide choice of fresh newspapers, library and WiFi are available.

Cuisine — American, French, Mexican — is designed in a way to satisfy all tastes.

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