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Barrikadnaya 320 m, Krasnopresnenskaya 450 m 2/1-18, Barikadnaya Street
  • (495) 226 09 80

Cafe Bar Mulata


Fresh vegetables and herbs — 340 rub.
Mozzarella with tomatoes and pesto sauce — 360 rub.
Greek salad with Feta cheese — 310 rub.
Beef burrito — 390 rub.
Calamari stuffed with vegetables — 420 rub.
Borsch — 290 rub.
Veal served with cherry potatoes — 720 rub.
Salmon back with spinach and tartare sauce — 550 rub.
Spaghetti Bolognese — 350 rub.
Noodles with shrimps, chicken fillet and vegetables — 320 rub.
French fries — 170 rub.
Fried spinach — 210 rub.

Mulata bar is open 24/7 which makes it possible for you to not only have fun here at night — with hot dancing and strong drinks — but to have a cup of bracing coffee in the morning as well.

Paying a tribute to the bar’s name, they pay special attention to rum and rum cocktails. Its extensive bar carte features several cocktails to choose from. Cuisine is European.

The bar is nestled in an alley on Barrikadnaya so it is not easy to find. By the way, it is not that bad considering that they guard the bar from outsiders and keep everything what happens here away from prying eyes.

They play most popular tracks of world pop culture. Its barmen, participants of Russian and international barmen contests, will surprise you with their flair show.

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