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Restaurant Marrakesh


Taste dishes made according to old Moroccan recipes

Chicken and potato ‘Dogmira’ tajin – 580 rub.
Veal and Arab peas and lentils ‘Harira’ soup – 360 rub.
Maghreb wings – 435 rub.
‘Mhensha’ vegetable roll – 210 rub.


Moroccan restaurant

‘Marrakesh’ is located in the heart of Moscow, on Strastnoy Boulevard, and represents an ideal harmony of refined Oriental traditions.

Its interior envelops you in gold yellow shades and drapery of magnificent Maghreb carpets. Sinking in multicolored pillows to the quiet music makes you feel as if you were flying into one of the fairy tales of the East. Traditional Moroccan colors – sienna, ultramarine, azure – prevail in the restaurant’s painting and vitrages.

‘Marrakesh’ is a mecca of Moroccan cuisine with a wide variety of traditional Moroccan dishes and refined European and Uzbek dishes.

At the restaurant, you will be offered to choose one of the hookahs with unique Arab tobacco supplemented with fresh fruits.

About Morocco

It is an unconceivable country with landscapes of unimitable beauty. Its nature combines endless sandy beaches stretching along the Mediterranean Sea, lakes with crystal-clear water, mountain ranges with picturesque cedar groves, canyon rivers, fast waterfalls and orange tree gardens. This amazing variety of nature is explained by the country’s peculiar location. In the south, Morocco borders upon Sahara, the hottest desert in the world. Up north, there is the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean skirting its west.

For many people, Morocco is associated with Eastern fairytales and first of all ‘One Thousand and One Nights‘. Travelling in Morocco, you find yourself sinking into those tales told by Scheherazade, becoming one of their characters.

Moroccan cuisine is a magnificence of most exceptional aromas combined with unusual ingredients. Just one dish here may contain sweet, sour and spicy taste all together. Many people believe it is unreal but it’s true. According to some research, Moroccan cuisine emerged 2000 years ago, uniting best traditions of Berber, Mauritanian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and African cuisine. Dainty aromas, refined taste and setting – all this is the picture of one of the most eclectic cuisines of the world.

Moroccan cuisine is famous for its variety of ingredients such as cereals, fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil and herbs, meat and seafood which are the basis of each dish.

Meat and dough dishes are favorites among the rest: stewed in a tajin, baked or fried meat, hundreds of seafood dishes and marshmallow sticks.

Let’s not forget about dishes made of cereals, such as rice salad with citrus and herbs, stewed or pickled vegetables, famous ‘couscous’ (they serve it cold and warm), and also countless complicated Moroccan salads and regular vegetables as a side dish.

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Chehovskaya 120 m, Pushkinskaya 140 m, Tverskaya 170 m
Moscow, Passionate Boulevard, 4/3

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