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Monino Village
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Museum MAF Museum


Visit one of the largest aviation museums in the world with a fantastic collection

Mon–Tue: 09:30–16:30
Thu–Fri: 09:30–16:30
Sat: 09:00–15:30

Entrance fee — 50 rub.

MAF Museum

On the visit to the Central Museum of Air Forces at Monino you will get a lasting impression on the unique aircraft exposition, located over more than 20 hectares in the picturesque district of Moscow region. You will learn about the achievements of Soviet science and technology, embodied in the winged exhibits hosted in the Central Air Force Museum.


Museum of the Air Force — the only aviation museum in the country, which exposition is based on full-scale aircraft, helicopters, gliders and other aircraft equipment.The museum developed very rapidly and gained worldwide fame. In recent years it was visited by delegations from 81 countries worldwide.

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Moscow, Monino Village

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