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  • See also Lysá hora, a mountain in the Czech Republic, and Łysa Góra, a mountain in Poland.

    Lysa Hora (Ukrainian: Лиса Гора; Russian: Лысая гора (Lysaya Gora); literally «Barren Mount», Featureless Mount, or Bald Mount) is a large woody hill in the Ukrainian capital Kiev (Kiev), near the confluence of the Dnipro and Lybid' rivers. The hill is now a nature reserve included in the Kiev Fortress museum.

    The mount supposedly takes its name from the fact that its top was (some slopes of the hill are still) not covered by trees. The mount is located in the Holosiiv Municipal District of Kiev.

    According to the legends, the Lysa Hora hill is the largest and most famous location of the mystical «bald mountain» — a traditional site of the witch gatherings. Particularly, it is asserted in the writings of Nikolai Gogol.

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Vyidubichi 920 m

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