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Svobody Avenue, 28

Teathre Lviv Operа Teathre


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  • The Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet (Ukrainian: Львівський Державний академічний театр опери та балету імені Соломії Крушельницької, L'vivs'kyi Derzhavnyi akademichnyi teatr Opery ta baletu imeni Solomyiyi Krushel'nyts'koii; Eng. Lviv State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre of Solomiya Krushelnytska) is an opera house and theatre located in Lviv, Ukraine. The building was built between 1897 and 1900. The Lwów Opera was originally called the Grand Theatre (Polish: Teatr Wielki; Ukrainian: Великий міський театр, Velykyi Mis'kyi Teatr) until it was renamed in 1939 by the Soviet authorities.


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Викуська Олейник, Мари, Лера Калашникова, Anastasia, Олег Березовский, Мария Савчук

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