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Natoinal park Moose Island


The largest forest park of Moscow

Mon–Thu: 08:00–17:00
Fri: 08:00–16:00

The moose Island has been known since 1406. During XV-XVIII centuries this land was a part of Taininskaya palace volast (district) which territory was a hunting area of the Russian cknyazes and tsars for a long time. In 1564, Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584) hunted here bears. In general the Moaase Island stayed in reservation conditions.


The park is situated to the North-East from Moscow. Its tierce lies within the city limits. Forest area starts in 8 km from Kremlin.

Moscow Automobile Ring Road (MKAD) runs through the territory of the park.

Territory of the park

Forests cover about 80% of the national park with birch woods, coniferous and broadleaved trees.

An interesting object of the park, the Alekseevskaya grove, was secured with reservation conditions for a long period as the unique part of the forest. It is 250 years old and its main timber species is pine.


The Moose Island has always been famous for the rich animal world. Here you may see sika deer, mooses, hogs, minks, squirrels, muskrats, beavers.

13 species of birds of prey nest here: honey buzzard, black kite, marsh harrier, goshawk, sparrow-hawk, common buzzard, hobby falcon, red-footed falcon, common kestrel and others.

Here you can also find pikes, crucian carps, river perches, European roaches, breams, burbots and other fish.

Park zones

The park is divided in three functional zones:
— specially protected zone of 53.94 square km (47%);
— strolling and sport area of 31.30 square km (27%)is open for limited attendance within the set routs.
— Leisure zone of 29.81 square km (26%) is open for general attendance.


There is a historical and archeological complex “Old Russian Hunt” on the territory of the park.

Visit exhibition of “Royal Hunt” museum. The hunt theme takes its central place.
The Exhibition items tell about different times of hunt: falconry, venery, animal hunt.

There is also a moose biostation. Here you can see and spend your time with mooses and their youngling.

At special feeding grounds you can see hogs and sika deer during the winter period.

Tours to moose biostation are held on the base of previous appointment at 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.

how to get here

Sokolniki metro station, an exit in the centre of the hall, than to the bus stop near a church.

Take a bus No 40, 122, 140;
or a marshrutka (minibus taxi) No 140, 265.

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