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Arbatskaya 340 m, Borovitskaya 720 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 840 m 11/1, Novii Arbat Street
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Japan cafe Little Japan


Ika (calamari) — 60 rub.
Ikura (salmon caviar) — 75 rub.
Spicy hotategai (spicy scallop) — 85 rub.
Moriawase Matsu sashimi (salmon, tuna, perch, octopus, shrimp, yellowtail, calamari, scallop, sweet shrimp) — 1,310 rub.

‘Obed dlya neposed’ (meaning ‘Lunch for fidgets’) — 240 rub.
‘Obed dlya vyrastaek’ (meaning ‘Lunch for growers’) — 240 rub.
Children's menu


It is a traditional Japanese dish. It is simple and consists of wheat noodles in broth spiced with soy sauce and covered with poached pork, pâté of naruto, pickled bamboo sprouts, spinach or komatsun (Chinese cabbage). Ramens are extremely popular in Japan, especially among young people. This dish has almost become national.
They serve ramens for two!


It reflects the philosophy of Japanese cuisine — minimum heat treatment and maximum vitamins preserving natural taste.

The teppan is a steel sheet heated by electricity. On the teppan, chefs cook food as it is with no cookware adding very little oil and some spices (usually, it is soy sauce, vinegar, salt and pepper) to emphasize its original taste and make it healthy.

Delivery to offices

They deliver their dishes to offices for those who do not have an opportunity to leave their work during their lunch break but dream of having delicious lunch.

They will also deliver food to your home if you feel like surprising your friends with Japanese dinner.

Call for delivery at: (495) 78 77 000 (daily, from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m.)

Expected delivery time: up to an hour and a half.
Specify your address by ordering.
Delivery prices are those from the café’s menu.

The courier accepts cash only.

Business lunch

From Monday till Friday, from 12 p.m. till 4 p.m. they offer business lunch including a salad, roll, soup, main course and hot drink — black or green tea, or coffee. It is called ‘Japanese express’. Price is 220 rub.

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