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Arbatskaya 700 m 35, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Cafe Lebedev's Cafe


Store&Café on Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

Mon–Fri: 08:30–23:00
Sat–Sun: 10:00–23:00

WiFi and wall outlets are available

Food is what really matters

We don’t have a purpose to make this café look like a scene from a movie or book. We want it to serve food as tasty as the one you eat home! Right, a lot of low dives offer food ‘just like home’ too but they still cook it for low dives.

It’s all about ingredients. We stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables. In other words, we serve cakes with strawberry, peaches and apricots only when they are in season.

We buy Baku tomatoes in winter to make our salads tasty. We avoid buying long watery cucumbers but add only small pimply ones.

We care about the food being natural. We use pasteurized milk that turns sour fast instead of sterilized one that can stay fresh forever. Our syrups are made of fructose. All juices are fresh and contain no chemicals. We make food only in a way we enjoy it by ourselves.

Our coffee deserves special attention

Initially, we planned to serve just coffee. Our dear guests, however, talked us into making cakes, then they demanded omelets for breakfast and steaks for lunch. Nevertheless, our coffee has been and still is the pride of our cafe.

We purchase coffee beans from Italy, use good equipment (it is important in coffee making) and teach our coffee makers how to make good coffee and coffee drinks until they successfully pass our qualifying evaluation tests which are repeated continuously.

We serve the really, really good espresso. It is as good as in Italy, the only country where espresso is good in any city you go.

Apart from us, there are just two cafes in Moscow serving coffee that you can drink.

As for the rest, there are just two grades their coffee can receive — disappointment or trash.

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  • great place to hang out
    0 27 April 2015 at 20:53


Arbatskaya 700 m
Moscow, 35, Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

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