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Korolevskiy dvorets—Luvr 140 m, Luvr—Rivoli 360 m, Pyramides 530 m Musée du Louvre, 75001
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Attractions Le Grande Louvre


The famous glass pyramid

AD Classics: Le Grande Louvre by I.M. Pei

Pei’s design of the Louvre addition implemented a large glass and steel pyramid that is surrounded by three smaller triangles that provide light to the space below Cour Napoleon. For Pei, the glass pyramid provided a symbolic entry that had historical and figural importance that reinforced the main entry.

“Formally, it [the pyramid] is the most compatible with the architecture of the Louvre…, it is also one of the most structurally stable of forms, which assures its transparency, as it is constructed of glass and steel, it signifies a break with the architectural traditions of the past. It is a work of our time.” — I.M. Pei

The decades have passed and Paris has modernized Pei’s design has become embedded in the Parisian culture. It is regarded with similar significance to that of the Eiffel Tower becoming an icon for the people of Paris, as well as the world. Pei’s design has become synonymous with the image of the Louvre marking it as an inseparable entity from the museum and of Paris.

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Korolevskiy dvorets—Luvr 140 m, Luvr—Rivoli 360 m, Pyramides 530 m
Paris, Musée du Louvre, 75001

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