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4 km from Krasnaya Gorka

Lake Lake Kiyowo


A Lake where the biggest in Europe seagull colony settled down

How to get there

By car: 4 km away from Krasnaya Gorka (means “Red Hill”) to the left from Rogachyovskoe highway;
By train commuter electric train: from Svelovsky railway station to Lobnya station and then walk

Legend of Lake Kiyowo

Knyaz Kiy left his ill father and little sister along with his brothers and went to look for a place to settle down. But neither of places he found good. Finally, he reached a valley with lakes. The biggest lake was full of different birds. Thus, he made a camp here. His troops drank a lot and fell asleep tired of constant journeys. In the morning here came seagulls; they stole all the provand. In anger Kiy ordered to take seagulls` nests. His warriors went into the lake and died as seagulls crabbed them and floating island smashed them. Kiy went even angrier. On the beach troops found a shack of a lonely old man. They decided to immolate him to an idol. But suddenly strong storm started and a lightning split the idol. And then an old man said, “You are looking for home in a wrong place. GO back to Dnepr and look there for a place with high hills. There is your home. Don’t stay for long here. Your father is already dead, your brothers and sister were taken as prisoners”. Kyi set the old man free and did as he had said. The old man told this story to village people. Since then they have called this place Lake Kiyowo.

Scientists on origin of the lake

Scientists suppose that the like is of glacial origin. During post-glacial period here was a big basin.

But there is also a theory about its artificial origin on the place of open pit. This lake can also be a pond which is older than 100 years.
Count Panin who owned the village gathered people and they dug a trench, 5 meters wide and 1.5 meters deep, along the march. Then a big pit 300[200 meters was dug. In its center they placed an island and made a dam to it. But at that time revolution of 1905 did not let to clean this lake thoroughly. Depth of the lake was 2 meters.

Seagull colony

This colony was found by scientists in 1926. In 1927, Moscow Soviet of People's Deputies made Lake Kiyiwo a natural reserve according to the offer of Moscow Zoo.

For a long time this lake has the greatest amount of seagulls in Europe. Its colony included 30,000 birds.

General area of the lake is 20 hectares, but there is not so much clean water. Every year it becomes overgrown by water plants and covered with silt. This fact attracted seagulls here. They build their nests on floating islands between sedge, bulrush and cattail. This unique colony draws attention of zoologists, young naturalists and tourists. More than twenty thousand seagulls have already been ringed.

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Moscow, 4 km from Krasnaya Gorka

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