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Chkalovskaya 510 m, Kurskaya 610 m Obukha lane 3, in the building Karpov Institute
  • +7 (495) 989 97 71

Art&Science Space Laboratoria


Join the science!

Tue–Fri: 12:00–20:00
Sat–Sun: 14:00–20:00

Lecture admission if free


This is the first non commercial research center that aims to build a platform of interdisciplinary interaction between contemporary art and science. It was created as a space for establishment of new type of correlation between art, science and society; it ia re-direction of different types of creative energy. This is a place for meetings, discussions, round tables and master classes of scientists, artists and all the people who are interested in creation of Russian and worldwide Science Art society.

Scientific projects that visualize contact of art and science are held in this exhibition area. This is the development place of the world Art&Science space.

A platform of communication between art and science has three lines:

1. Discussion line — Lab Club;

2. Presentation line — Lab Expo, A to S Practics;

3. Information line — A&S context, Lab Info.

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