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Belorusskaya 500 m, Novoslobodskaya 740 m, Mendeleevskaya 810 m 18, Lesnaya Street
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Theatre Kvartet I


See theatre of Leonid Barats, Aleksandr Demidov, Kamil Larin and Rostislav Hait

Comic Theatre

Quartet “I” was founded in 1993 by graduates of GITIS variety art department.

During last year the theatre developed its own unique style that combines variety and theatre atmosphere. The “Quartet” has a reputation of one of the funniest Moscow theatres that works in a genre of pure humor and never goes “black”, almost never politics and doesn’t use “bathroom” jokes. The four leading actors of this theatre are its face and the “Quartet” who have already became popular and well-known to audience and have authority among colleagues.
The plays of the theatre received high ratings from professionals; but at the same time these plays are easy for perception of not so sophisticated audience. The humor and stage manner of the “Quartet” are very democratic. That is why almost all of social layers from age of 7 to 70 are the audience of the theatre. But, first of all, the theatre addresses young and “socially active” people.

The “Quartet “I”” produces all of its plays by themselves (even if a plot is based on the literary ideas of another author). They continue creative and literary activities for theatre, radio- and TV-projects that made “Quartet” serious drama authors whose work is in demand.


The “Quartet “I”” deserves a word in cinema: last season they filmed two of its hits —
“The Day of Elections” and “The Day of the Radio”.

On March 4, 2010 “What do men talk about” was releiced.

”Silver Galoshes” Award

The 9th, 10th and 11th ceremonies of еру ”Silver Galoshes” Award took place in June 2010, April 2006 and June 2007; the scenarios were written by the “Quartet”I””.

“We made an attempt to go beyond standards of the award given for ”the dingiest achievements in show business”. From now on some of political events in the country are also included in this ceremony.”

Work at the radio

The “Quartet”I”” has collaborated with “Nashe Radio” for 6 years. They went on air daily once per hour (usually at quarter for nest hour); they made up, wrote down and reordered 25 “Journeys of the horsemen Fyodorov”, 27 “theme” hit parades, 50 biographies of the western rock- and pop-stars (“Our people all over”), 250 episodes of “Mexican scoundrels”, about 500 “drafts” and more than 1700 news. And a lot of little things no one can count…

Her cell-phone isn’t for communication, it must lie in her handbag, constantly ring, but she will ignore it.

What is the most uncool thing in being married?
— Absence of other women?
— No, an absence of a possibility to hang out with other women.

Let’s look at “What for?” question. When I tell her, “Do you want to come to my place?”, she says “What for?”. What should I tell her? I don’t have bowling or cinema at home.
If I tell her “We’ll have sex and I’ll like it anyway, but I’m not sure about you, and then you may stay. But it will be better, if you leave”, I bet she won't go, though she knows what I meant.
So I say “Let’s go to my place. I have a wonderful collection of lute music of XVI century”.

You’ve just broke up. You write her the last SMS: “I won’t write you anymore. You became a stranger to me. Good bye!” — and no answer.
Then you write her the second last SMS: “You could answer, you know. For your information, once we were close.” –she keeps silence.
Then the third one: “I want to tell you great news — I don’t think about you anymore. Not a bit. So, don’t call me”. And she does not.
And then goes a sucker punch: “Did you know that there are a lot of beautiful women in Moscow beside you?”.
And still no answer. And you send her one hundred more last SMS. Is that so difficult to behave and answer just once?! This is the end.
No more messages, no more suffering, but suddenly she sends an SMS: “It’s snowing. Congratulations on the first day of the winter!”

I’m sorry miss, could you cadge me a one night stand?
— Oh, I’m sorry, I quit…
— My congratulations!

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Belorusskaya 500 m, Novoslobodskaya 740 m, Mendeleevskaya 810 m
Moscow, 18, Lesnaya Street

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