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Tourist Attractions Kolomna Kremlin


Visit the provincial Kremlin

Mon–Fri: 08:00–17:00

Excursion “Historical Kolomna” — 2,800 rub. per 20 people
Degustation of honey and meads — 160 rub. per person
Picnic in a khutor (farm) under Kolomna — 700 rub. per person

Further information about prices[in Russian]

This is a unique heritage of Russian history and culture, precious jewel of Russian cathedral architecture.

It was built in 1525-1531 to protect Moscow boundaries from riots of Kazan and Crimea khans. Until the middle of XVI century, it occupied one of the leading positions in the defense system of the country.

Legend of Kremlin

There are a lot of legends and beliefs about Kolomna Kremlin as it always is with medieval fortresses. One belief says that after the defeat of a Polish riot, Marina Mniszech — the wife of both False Dmitriys (in Russian ‘Lzhedmitry’) and mistress of a rebel Cossack ataman, Ivan Martynovich Zarutsky (died 1614) — she was imprisoned in the tower of Kolomenskoe. One legend says that she died “longing for freedom” and the other that she “turned into a magpie and flew away through loop hole”. Ever since, people call it Marina’s tower (or 'Marinkina Bashnya' in Russian). But towers and dungeons still keep a lot of secrets.


Wondrous in its beauty and architecture, Kremlin has Novo-Golutvin Nunnery within its walls. It is famous all over Russia for number of nuns (over hundred), order, renaissance of crafts and wonderful singing of nunnery dwellers. Nunnery also has the wonder-working icon of Xenia of Saint Petersburg. Nuns have renovated women cells in Brusino where a sainthood of martyrs grew up in the XX century.

Bobrenyov Friary of Fyodorovskaya Theotokos and Christmas

In addition, Kolomna has Bobrenyov Friary of Theotokos and Christmas where you can touch especially honored wonderworking icon of Fyodorovskaya Theotokos famous for numerous miracle healings.

Architecture of Kremlin

Kremlin occupies 24 hectares and is surrounded by remains of a vallum. Built in 1525-1531 in accordance with project of Italian masters, the vallum initially included 17 towers (four of them were gate-towers) and was 1,938 meters long. The height of the wall was up to 18-21 meters, its thickness — from 3 to 4.5 meters. Today Kremlin has only 7 towers left.

Cathedral Square

Within the complex area stands the Cathedral Square (or the Sobornaya Square) which is a spiritual center of the city. The architectural ensemble of the square was formed in the XIV — XIX centuries. The central place here takes Cathedral Church of Dormition (in Russian ‘Uspensky Sobor’) which was built after the order by Dmitry Ivanovich Donskoy (also known as Dmirty of the Don) to honor victory of the Russian weapon over the Tartar Mongol Yoke.

To the right of the Cathedral stands hip bell-tower 0f the XVII century. This bell-tower is the loudest among bell-towers of such type in Russia. Near the bell-tower lies Tikhvinsky Cathedral(XVIII-XIX centuries) that serves as the winter church of Kolomna. To the left of the Cathedral lies Novo-Golutvinsky Saint Trinity Nunnery(XVI-XIX centuries). And opposite to the nunnery one sees a school of XIX century.

Church of Resurrection (XIV — XIX centuries) is one of the most ancient buildings of Kremlin. It faces the Cathedral Square on the north-east. Here, in 1366, Dmitry Donskoy engaged with princess Eudocia of the Suzdal. And Church of Nicola Gostiny (1501) is one of the first brick churches in Russia.

Number of monuments in Kolomna Kremlin stands along Lazhechnikova street which is one of the most picturesque parts of this fortress. Here you can see Brusensky Cathedral of Dormition (XVI — XIX centuries), former City hall building (XIX century) and city manors of the nobility of XIX century.

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Kolomna, 5, Lazhechnikova Street

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