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Mayakovskaya 690 m, Tverskaya 700 m, Pushkinskaya 720 m 4 bldg 1, Malyi Kozihinskiy Lane
  • (495) 694 03 89, 697 60 68

Theatre Kinospektakl


Combination of traditional theatre and cinema

Tickets: 350 rub., 500 rub.

Use of cinema elements I theatre plays is not such a new idea, but in Kinospektakl (which mean Cineplay) cinema is not just a one of setting methods for play. Motion-picture image becomes a live scene decoration. Scene and screen acts interpenetrate each other.

Motion is translated onto few screens, and not only by turns but also simultaneously.

Actors move from cinematic reality to scene and back absolutely free; “live” character on a scene talks to cinematic one. There is almost no borders between theatre and cinema in this place.

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