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Ohotnyiy ryad 250 m, Teatralnaya 450 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 600 m 8a, Nikitskiy Boulevaurd
  • (926) 565 94 07, (910) 434 74 76

Project Doker


Cinema Club at the Central House of Journalists

A project holds its shows in a small hall of “Domzhur”.

“Doker” shows and discusses contemporary non-fiction movies and author documentaries.

Movies are projected on a big screen because image and sound are important for non-fiction movies as much as for fictions.

This project was created to bring wonderful documentaries to audience and provide a passivity of their discussions with authors, experts and viewers.

In a word combination “documentary movie” stress fall on “movie”.

There are millions ways to make a documentary, but one thing should stay permanent: it must be dramatic and interesting.

An image and a sound are important for non-fiction movies as much as for fictions. A language of cinema consists of sounds and images, this language tell us stories. If it is poor, no one will appreciate it.

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Ohotnyiy ryad 250 m, Teatralnaya 450 m, Aleksandrovskiy sad 600 m
Moscow, 8a, Nikitskiy Boulevaurd

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