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Kievskaya 180 m 2, Kiev station Square

Railway station Kievskiy vokzal


One of the most beautiful railway stations

Architecture of the railway complex (on the project of Ivan Rerberg and Viktor Shukhova) is a rethinking of classicism ideas in traditions of the last century.

Here was built floating landing stage on project of Shukhov. This magnificent and majestic building has elegant structure made of glass and metal resembling transparent dome floating in the air.

Kievsky Station became symbol of continuance between ancient and new era that must have become “new age Renaissance” as Shukhov and Rerberg thought.

This building was not typical for architecture of Moscow in the beginning of XX century where Modern prevailed.

Not all of Moscow citizens even now know that initially Kievsky Station was named “Bryansky” which spoiled the view of the city. It was a dull building with only one floor which caused a lot of sharp caricatures laughing out avarice of railway company “that has decorated Moscow with this blockhouse”.

In 1912, railway administration managed to gave out funds for construction of a new station. Construction of railway lasted few years and was finished soon after revolution in 1920. And in 1934, station was renamed into “Kievsky”.

Today Kyivsky Station turned into transit point with open registration for passenger flight and opportunity to draw up documents and to register luggage. You can get to airport in 25 minutes by express-train from Kievsky Station.

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