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Shabolovskaya 630 m 15/4 Malaya Kaluzhckaya street
  • +7 (495) 740 48 58

Restaurant Kabinet


Cozy restaurant serving homemade European and Italian dishes

daily: 11:00–00:00

Veal and vegetables salad — 490 rub.
Crab meat and avocado salad — 590 rub.
Roast beef and vegetables sauté — 490 rub.
Eggplant with Mozzarella — 490 rub.
Avocado and crab tomato soup — 550 rub.
Risotto with porcinis — 580 rub.
Grilled shrimps — 990 rub.
Cheesecake — 350 rub.
Campari, 50 ml — 220 rub.
Bacardi rum, 50 ml — 280 rub.

We do not only bake our own bread at the restaurant. We also make pasta! Sometimes, the chef adds some cuttlefish ink into the dough to make it exotically black. Dishes are available to take out.

We organize banquets, including catering service.

Have fun with us because we have: sports translations, live music, shows, Mafia games and free WiFi.

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