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Vyistavochnaya 960 m Mantulinskaya, 5
  • (985) 220 46 19, (495) 782 44 24

Gallery Ice sculpture


See the museum of ice. Or design your holiday with ice sculptures

daily: 11:00–20:00

Freeze a gift in ice

There is a wonderful idea — freeze your gift in a block of ice! With a little imagination we can make any sculpture of an ice lumps! It can even be the portrait of the hero of the day or his statue in full view. An ice shape was brought, and what is inside? You will have to wait patiently until the ice melts to get a gift. The intrigue and anticipation will stretch for several hours.

A bouquet of long-legged roses, frozen in an ice block, will look fantastically beautiful and be remembered for long. All the guests will want to be photographed next to the ice surprise and show the photos to their friends and aquaintances.

Ice show at any season

Invite your guests to an ice tale on a corporate party, birthday, New Year celebration or a presentation! For you we will build a real ice palace with ice paintings, chandeliers and bars made ​​of ice.

Almost any piece of interior can be made of ice: ice couches and chairs, ice sinks, ice TV and telephone, computers in ice, ice tableware, fresh flower and fruits frozen in ice, company logo made of ice.

Buffet table made of ice

Enjoy the double benefit — the products are kept in cold on a fantastic and unusual table.

A company logo, fruits and flowers can be freezed right in the ice buffet table. Or we can put the name of the sponsor company of fruit and berries right on the table.

An ice table can also be made in form of an open carriage with a flat top, on which meals would be served. And we will add ice horses with ice bags where bottles and food would be put in.

Beauty and functionality are compatible!

An ice twin of the hero of the day

On an anniversary or birthday party we can make a twin of the hero of the day.

It can be, for example, a gift from a business partner or employees. By the end of the holiday, when the ice twin melts, you will tell the person: «You are irreplaceable!». This idea can be nested in the party scenario to made it twice more interesting :)

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Vyistavochnaya 960 m
Moscow, Mantulinskaya, 5

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