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structure House-ring


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Architecture nearby address

Monastery & museum Novodevichiy

Luminous and wondrous abode

2.5 km

Bridge Picturesque bridge

A construction that has no analogues in the world

7 km

House & Museum of the house Melnikov House

House-studio of the architect Melnikov, a world-famous masterpiece of the Soviet avant-garde

6 km

Gate Triumphal Gate

Gates were constructed to honor victory in the war of 1812.

1.5 km

University MSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University

2.5 km

Embankment Crimean

6 km

Place Moscow City

‘Moscow international business center’

3 km

Institute > strelka

A free postgraduate program of interdisciplinary researches about a city

6 km

House Dom Pertsovoy

6 km

Building Narkomfin Building

Masterpiece of architecture: a block of flats for employees of Commissariat of Finance

6 km

Medieval Tsar Residence Moscow Kremlin

Visit the symbol of Russian statehood

7 km

Tower Mercury City

4 km

A building not built Palace of the Soviet

Monumental project, 420 m high, with Lenin atop

6 km

Palace in the Kremlin Terem Palace

Terem palace was built in 1636 on order of tszar Mikhail I Fyodorovich Romanov (1596 –1645)

7 km

Building Federation Tower

Complex of two towers

3 km

Estate Osobnyak Igumnova

6 km

Tower Shukhov Tower

Hyperboloidal construction of 1922 in a form of grid shell on Shabolovka street

6 km

Arhitektura Dom Margarityi

6 km

Building Zuyev Workers Club

Monument of constructionism architecture

8 km

Residential Building (Apartmen Savvinskoe podvore

7 km

Building Imperia Tower

Complex of two towers in the city of Moscow

3 km

Club Dormkhimzavod House

It is one of five clubs created by Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow and it is also called Frunze Club

2.5 km

Building Csudnaya kazna

8 km

Buildings City of Capitals

Two skyscrapers and connecting building in Moscow-City

3 km

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