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Kropotkinskaya 510 m, Biblioteka imeni Lenina 690 m, Borovitskaya 720 m 2, Serafimovish street

Building House on Embankment


“Government Building”, “First House of Soviets” or “House of CEC and CPC of the USSR”

In 1930s in the “House on Embankment” lived most important state politicians.

Many of those who lived in this house were repressed, their families were expelled to make some free space for next “disappearance” candidates. Today façade holds more than 15 memorial tablets.

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  • The House on the Embankment is a block-wide apartment house in downtown Moscow, Russia. It was completed in 1931 as the Government Building, a residence of Soviet elite. It was designed by Boris Iofan.

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Kropotkinskaya 510 m, Biblioteka imeni Lenina 690 m, Borovitskaya 720 m
Moscow, 2, Serafimovish street

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