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Museum History of Cognac


Explore exquisite cognacs in a genuine atmosphere created with items of French winemakers

About the Museum

The museum was built in 2007 and located in a typical house of French winemakers. Stylish interiors perfectly complement the vintage household items and training exposure to rare artifacts.
The museum vividly reproduces the whole long way to birth of a noble drink from grapevine and making oak barrels to mature, seasoned fragrant cognac.

The amazing atmosphere of the museum and the original history of each exhibit magically transfer cognac connoisseurs to France, to the magic world of wine, whose art and experience are passed from generation to generation and hidden under a veil of secrecy.


Guests of the museum will see the original tools of French winegrowers and coopers, mysterious accessories of cognac masters, benighted cognac warehouse and the pearl of the collection — old Charentaise alambik, or distilling tank, created in 1900. By the end of the excursion visitors are introduced to the art of degustation, learn to distinguish shades of taste and aroma of young and aged cognacs and how to serve and combine cognac with gourmet meals.

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Moscow, Leningrad Highway 67

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