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Zoloti Vorota 370 m, Teatralna 730 m, Maidan Nezalezhnosti 770 m intersection Zolotovorotskoy, Reitarskaya and Georgievskiy streets

Sculpture Hedgehog in the Fog


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Kristina Pashkina, Катерина Шулик, Emma Charlotte Hammock, Lara Arkaykina, Elen Korobko, Валерия Саражинская, Лера Калашникова, Dara Vilkhova, Svetlana Shepilo, Polina Vashchenko, Irina Vilkhova, лилиана росе, Тата Липата, Дарья

Monuments nearby address «intersection Zolotovorotskoy, Reitarskaya and Georgievskiy streets»

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