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Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk district, Ilynskoe shosse (highway), Dmitrovskoe village, Tsentralnaya street, 23.
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Gallery Gridchinhall


Original art projects of the European level

You would ask: «what is this?» and «what is it for?».

A lot of modern artists have got projects, which are difficult to implement in gallery format. We are orientated on those special original projects and ideas in contemporary art and culture. The prerequisite for non-profit art project’s realization from the very “zero” is the intersection of many necessary conditions in a single point. My private initiative as Gridchinhall’s founder is to create such a point. The main priority for the exhibition hall is to perform significant culture events of the high artistic and public values.

Exhibition hall was founded in autumn 2009. Since that time several full-scale art projects have been carried out. These are “Rembrandt’s Drawings” by Dmitriy Gutov, “Red People. Art-Constructor” by “Pprofessors” group, “Kulik’s Hair” by Dmitry Kawarga, «Stands» by Sergey Voronzov.

Gridchinhall is also conceived as a residence for artists, kind of a space for cross-cultural exchange. During the work on the projects artists live and work in the studio, specially organized for that purpose in Gridchinhall.
Now it became possible to combine countryside trip with visiting a new contemporary art exhibition. This is a common European custom. Gridchinhall’s plans are to continue performing European level art projects.

Classes of academic drawings and painting in Gridchinhall

— Classes of academic drawings and painting in Gridchinhall take place twice per week, on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7 p.m. – 10 p.m.

— There are no age limits; decision on enrollment to a group is made upon an interview. People with different level of knowledge in this sphere and in history of arts can be enrolled.

— Interviews with applicants are held in Gridchinhall on a previous appointment. Individual classes are also possible.

Teaching programs

— learning of materials engineering, graphic possibilities and techniques.

— apprehension of the set problems.

— sketching, studying of a model, pick up of graphical means and the most expressive point for drawing.

— Search of the main proportions, movement of big masses, plastic, search of a character.

— Depiction of constructive basis of an object, modeling of big form with clair-obscure, colour, saturation of the image with necessary details.

— leading a work to solid state by synthesis of general idea and details which is one of the main regularities of the plastic art.

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Moscow, Moscow Region, Krasnogorsk district, Ilynskoe shosse (highway), Dmitrovskoe village, Tsentralnaya street, 23.

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