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Turgenevskaya 390 m, Chistyie prudyi 500 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 530 m 7 Sretenka Street
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Dancing school Go-Go Motion


Perform Go-go, R&B, Eastern and strip dances for boys

Test lesson — 250 rub.
Subscription certificate — 2,500 rub.
Private lesson — 1,800 rub.

Dance School

The Go-Go girls, what are they like? They are confident in themselves, passionate and mysterious. With our help you can become one of them, you don’t need to try very hard. Dance School “Go-Go Motion” will be your best assistant. We will teach you to control your body — your steps will get more gracious and moves more graceful. Moreover, Go-Go dance will help you to be a star of any club party! How to learn it? Go-Go Motion is your professional guide in this style. We don’t just give moves to remember — we work individually with everyone while helping to acquire freedom of your moves.

It is easy to dance Go-Go with us: we do our best to not to bore you during trainings. We want you to have fun and get as much positive experience as possible. In our school we offer:

— Comfortable schedule of trainings

— Professionalism

— Opportunity of practice

Learning Go-Go is interesting! Be confident in you and your body, go with the rhythm of music and conquer viewers attention with exact ad neat moves. Go-Go dance studio knows how to dorm a beautiful body and move gracefully. Beside dance, our school will help you to find new friends as training go in warm and light atmosphere, and get charged with positive emotion when you learn new move — you certainly will notice it.

— Get an effect of trainings: beside dance skills you will form fit constitution and lissome body.


Go-Go is a style of erotic dance without undressing.
The name of the dance is written as you hear it: “Go-Go”. “Go-Go” doesn’t fin within certain style. It a mix of number of different styles united in one by night clubs, trendy parties and presentations.


A perfect sense of rhythm, special plastic and grace, ability to use resources of your body at maximum in order to create wonderful lexis of moves — that is R’nB is all about. This dance became popular not so long ago.

Eastern dances

Sexuality and modesty, passion and inaccessibility characterize Eastern dance since ancient times. It is not just an entertainment, but game between man and women that allowed to show her beauty and power. In Go-Go Motion we offer you to learnt this art!

Strip plastics

Contemporary strip plastics is a nice opportunity to say “goodbye” to your complexes. As an additional “surprise” you may lose some unnecessary calories.

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Turgenevskaya 390 m, Chistyie prudyi 500 m, Sretenskiy bulvar 530 m
Moscow, 7 Sretenka Street

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