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Dinamo 840 m 3rd floor TC «Start», 37b Leningradskiy prospekt

Vegetarian cafe Ganga


Vegetarian café in Start Shopping Center

daily: 11:00–20:00

‘Himalayas’ pizza — 450 rub.
Cream&fruit biscuit cake — 550 rub.
Jagannathi — 30 rub.
Red beans salad — 45 rub.
Dahi bara — 45 rub.

Banquet, stand-up party and exotic party service is available. They make cakes of any complexity.

Delivery of exotic sweets and main courses:
— free delivery for purchases over 3,000 rub. within the Ring Road.
— 500 rub. for delivery for purchases less than 3,000 rub. all over the city.

The menu includes pastry, buffet sweets, main courses, pizza, samosa, salads, soups, side dishes, tortes and cakes, fruit dumplings, buns and rolls, vegetarian sausages, beverages, bread.

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