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Museum The forgotten things


Admire the charming trifles in Retro-Museum

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Time travel is possible not only with time machine

Wooden huts and carved gates are just a showcase. Town residence of Alexander Seregin keeps traditions of multiple eras in Russia. A pistol of the 1812 war is on the same shelf with a loose-leaf calendar of the Soviet First Five Year Plan. A tin toy truck of the sixties is reflected in a polished grammophone tube. A blackened wooden bucket of the seventeenth century merges its streamline form with a brand new vacuum cleaner «Rocket». Vending machines with carbonated water, samovars and charcoal irons, wicker furniture and diving helmets, bellows cameras and a stuffed owl.

sale, manufacture, restoration of interior items in the Old Russian style

The exhibits do not stay behind the glass in our museum. You can touch and even buy them. Ancient, unfairly forgotten things are lovingly restored and can again serve people or decorate their homes. In museum workshops we can make furniture, household items and even musical instruments for you, which are no different from those that were in the course of our great-great-grandfathers. We hope that our modest efforts will help to preserve and revive Russian national tradition.

A wooden wagon for Alla Pugacheva

To cater to this Soviet cabinet of curiosities, the exhibit should not necessarily have the «Made in USSR» label. The thing can be made before. The key point is that its central life has to be saturated with the spirit of Soviet life.

Thus, a pearl of Seregin's large samovar collection is the Ural «round-belly», attributed officially to the XIX century. It has for sure given tea to more than one generation of Muscovites, being solemnly taken out on holidays to the capital's narrow pit yard. But alas, this authentic antiques does not fit the current concept of the museum, so Seregin put it up for sale for 150,000.

The junk shop here next door to the museum is often visited by celebrities. Honored Artist Valentina Tolkunova ordered wicker furniture here. A porcelain piglet caught fancy of Russian singer Lolita. Anchorman Vladimir Molchanov likes to buy decorative wooden windmills, clamps, rocker arms and pitchers. And businessman Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov (Taiwanchik by nickname) bought a collection of antique scales.

— They hang everywhere on his site in Peredelkino, on poles and on trees, — says Alexander. — And the late Alexander Abdulov (Russian actor) visited us, too. He came once on December, 31 by «Volvo» and said: «Pack three rocking chairs for me — for the gift». «But where do we pack them?» — we asked. «Mount them on top!». So we strapped the chairs to the car roof and he drove off. Than called, saying that he had brought them normally and on time.

Alla Pugacheva is in list of Seregin's clients, too. The Primadonna has bought here a wooden cart for flowers for her own site. But the most memorable buyer was an extravagant man who wanted to hook the same cart... behind his Mercedes.

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Moscow, Novoivanovskoe village, 12

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