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Vorobevyi goryi 490 m 20 Kosygina Street

Abandoned place Escalator gallery


For more than 25 years this unique gallery is abandoned

Citizens of Moscow who lived in soviet times when “Leninskie Gory” metro station (today “Sparrow Hills” or “Vorobyovy Gory”) was still working can recollect that from metro station you could take an escalator to Vorobyovskoe highway (today Kosygina street) and to Young Pioneer Palace which stands atop. It was an escalator gallery with elevator of 90 meters.

This Gallery appeared in motion picture “Oh uzh eta Nastya” and in Italian movie “Sunflowers” where Sophia Loren herself rides the escalator!

Escalator Gallery was closed together with “Leninskie Gory” station in October 1983. Since then this unique gallery has been abandoned (although station was renovated in 2002). Today it falls apart little by little and becomes ruins.

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Vorobevyi goryi 490 m
Moscow, 20 Kosygina Street

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