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Smolenskaya 160 m 3, Smolenskaya Square

Dance school Drive Dance


Learn how to dance with the world famous choreographers

History of DRIVE DANCE

Drive Dance has been the main event of dance life for 4 years in Moscow, Kiev and, from now on, in Yekaterinburg.

The best choreographers from England and the USA come to Russia and Ukraine in order to teach all those who want to dance. Everyone can learn the basics from choreographers of Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. None of our projects repeats. Each time we invite new teachers, show new styles of today dances and provide new program.


In 2006, this project kicked off in Moscow at the same time when the most popular choreographers of London came to Russian for 3 months.

In autumn 2009, a project with the best choreographer of Hollywood took place. All attendants spent 2.5 months while taking lessons from teachers of legendary Debbie Reynolds and Millennium Dance Complex schools. Besides, Sergei Lazarev also took classes from world famous choreographers during their stay in Russia.

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Smolenskaya 160 m
Moscow, 3, Smolenskaya Square

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Modern Dance Jazz-modern dance Hip-Hop

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