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Serpuhovskaya 400 m, Paveletskaya 530 m, Dobryininskaya 530 m Big Strochenovskiy lane, 7
  • (495) 710 88 05

Bar Ya perezvonyu


‘Bar on the corner’ in Strochenovsky Lane

Mon–Wed: 08:00–00:00
Thu–Fri: 08:00–06:00
Sat–Sun: 10:00–00:00

Average bill: 500 rub. — 1,500 rub.

What do you think about when you hear “Bar on the corner?”
On your way to work, you drop in here for a cup of coffee with a delicious croissant and fresh newspaper. In the daytime, you come to have lunch including a pumpkin soup, fresh salad and smoking meat. In the evening, it is single malt whiskey or popular Long Island which attract you here, as well as veal medallions or plain and unpretentious ‘Zimbabwe toasts’, board kicker or football on the large screen, DJ playing rock hits or just your friend who knows what music you like best.

At this very moment you come to realize what this bar, its friendly and welcoming atmosphere and people working here mean to you. You are here, in a local bar, in the bar on the corner. And if at one point, you come to your senses because your phone is ringing, just say, “Babe, I’ll call you later” (which in Russian sounds as 'ya perezvonyu').

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