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Donaulände 21, 4100
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Camping Das Park Hotel


Sleeping in a Sewer Pipe

Comfortable interiors with full headroom, double bed and storage, woolly blanket and light cotton sleeping bag. The Das Park Hotel rooms are small, but are safely secured by a code-lock door, and provide a comfortable two-person bed, blankets and sleeping bags, storage for your clothes and backpacks, and a small lamp for light.

The most unique part of this hotel is that you reserve your room, and pay as you wish. Yes! You pay what you want to pay for the room.

For toilets and showers, guests can visit a nearby “petrol” station to settle their sanitary necessities. Restaurants for breakfast are just a short walk away. The hotel is open only between May and October.

These 2 meter x 2.5 meter cement tubes are located on the lovely green grass of Rodlpark, in Ottensheim, Austria, where the annual Open Air Ottensheim music festival happens (making them a perfect place for concert goers to crash).

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Ottenheim, Donaulände 21, 4100

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