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Semenovskaya 180 m Semenovskaya square, 7, corpus 10
  • (495) 500 99 35, 8 (910) 404 91 62

Dance school Dance theatre


Group dance lesson — from 250 rub.

Private dance lesson with choreographer — 1,500 rub/pair for 50 minutes.

Training by yourself without choreographer — 150 rub./2hours.
Date and time of your lessons must be previously arranged with an administrator by phone (495) 500-99-35.

Rent of the dance hall costs 500 rub. per hour. A precise cost depends on time and duration of rent. Additional information is available through administrator by telephone (495) 500-99-35.

We have everything

Jazz-modern, club dance, classical choreography, stretching, wedding waltzes, strip plastics and ballroom dances of course.

Everything you have seen on TV on New Year eves and dreamt about — someday later when you will have more time and money — you will learn to do it the same way or even better. It’s time to make your dreams come true! Join us. All you have to do is come to our class — everything else we will do on our own.

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