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Dmitrovskaya 840 m DYSS №75, 41, Vyatskaya Street
  • (926) 590 43 59

Dance school Rubik's Cube


Dance funk & popping

One lesson – 400 rub.
8 lessons – 2,200 rub.
12 lessons – 3,200 rub.

About School

Here you can learn funk & popping style that takes its beginning in the middle of 1970s and is very popular now in a dance world.

What is funk

For us funk is an esthetics of chaos on purpose, soul freedom that proves one’s worth due to confidence in instincts, joy of self-sentiment and life, in particular, of non-assimilated life of afro-Americans. Their music in the beginning of 1970s was a consequential reminder of a newborn bright aesthetics. And culture of 1990s brought it back to life with a very formalities and conventions.


Our trainers are skilled dancers who proved their level at numerous contests and admitted by well-known French dancers – winners of the worldwide famous Juste Debout dance championship.

Lessons are made so that new students could feel as comfortable as possible even if they can’t make something right from the beginning. Here you will get help, explanations and as many demonstrations as you need. We use individual approach to every student. Every training we repeat basics, so it is not hard to join an existing group.

Rubik's Cube

A puzzle invented in 1974 by Hungarian sculptor and architecture professor Ernő Rubik.

The Rubic’s cube is considered to be a leader among toys in total number of sales: nearly 350 mln. of cubes were sold all over the world (both original and different analogues).

Beside Rubik’s cube Ernő Rubik has also made Rubik's Snake and Rubik's 360.

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