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Bar Coyote Ugly


The Legend started with a little girl, a dream and some Wild Turkey Bourbon

daily: 18:00–06:00

Hennessy VS- 300 rub.
Dewars — 200 rub.
Jack Daniel’s — 250 rub.
Tequila — 200 rub.
Vodka, France — 150 rub.
Jägermeister — 200 rub.
Wine, Italy — 200 rub.
Draught beer — 200 rub.
Bottled beer — 150 rub.
Red Bull Vodka — 350 rub.
Martini Bianco — 150 rub.
Bacardi Rum — 200 rub.
Hookah — from 1,200 rub.

The first Coyote Ugly was launched by Liliana Lovell in New York in 1993. She was a wild barmaid who gave up brokerage business to dance on the bar counter and make fun of her clients who, by the way, gave her rather large tips.

Working in the bar for just one night, she would make as much as she was paid for a week of work in her brokerage office. By 1993, she saved up enough of cash to open her own bar named Coyote Ugly.

Later, in 1997, GQ magazine published an article about Lovell, Muse of Coyote Ugly Saloon, written by a former waitress of the bar Elizabeth Gilbert. This article became the first sign of success. After a 2000 premiere of the movie Coyote Ugly, crowds of fans rushed into the bars by Coyote Ugly because they all wanted to enjoy watching those sexy dancers.

It is these Coyote dancers — naughty, obstinate and good-looking — who attract people into this 100% American bar featuring an atmosphere of unrestrained fun and hot dancers who drive their clients crazy.

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