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Chkalovskaya 650 m, Kurskaya 790 m, Chistyie prudyi 860 m 21 Pokrovka Street
  • +7 (925) 006 42 24

Coffee house Coffee Bean


Enjoy your life over a cup of coffee

Mon–Sat: 08:00–23:00
Sun: 09:00–23:00

Banana sponge cake — 101 rub.
Oat biscuit — 84 rub.
Puff with ‘Parmesan’ cheese — 79 rub.
Bagel with ‘Philadelphia’ cheese — 156 rub.
Quiche with asparagus and turkey — 195 rub.
Mushroom lasagna — 245 rub.
Apple gurman (‘foodie’) — 195 rub.
Cheesecake — 232 rub.
‘Dobroye Utro’ (‘good morning’) sandwich — 188 rub.
Tuna toast — 187 rub.

Americano — 123 rub.
Regular — 102 rub.
Ristretto — 103 rub.
Mega turbo regular — 138 rub.
Iced caramel coffee with ice-cream topping — 181 rub.
Coffee smoothie — 172 rub.
Hot chocolate — 107 rub.

The café is located on Pokrovka Street. Its interior is soaked through with urbanism, with its uneven walls, ceiling that changes its color depending on what time it is, windowsills with pillows and funny paintings in the restrooms.

The café opened in 2010 and is one of the 12 cafes of Coffee Bean chain.

At the café, they serve over 40 kinds of coffee made of high quality coffee beans and a variety of coffee drinks and other beverages.

All employees of the café took barista classes to become professionals in coffee making.

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