Places in New York

Park Central Park

Park High Line

Museum of Modern Art MoMA

Museum of Modern Art

Cafe McNally Jackson

Cafe in the literary style

Building American Radiator

Museum of Art Metropolitan

Building Empire State

Monument / Landmark Statue of Liberty

Restaurant Mari Vanna

From Russia with love

Legend Studio 54

Museum Solomon Guggenheim

One of the leading collections of contemporary art in the world

Contemporary Art Museum New Museum

Botanic Garden Brooklyn Garden

Street art Helping Hand

By Overunder + No Touching Ground

Botanical garden NY Botanical Garden

One of the oldest and largest in the world

Museum Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art in New York

Place Wall Street

Pavilion New Amsterdam

American Symbol Statue of Liber

Bookstore Strand Book Store

Bar Apotheke

Bar Restaraunt Lounge Exchange Bar & Grill

Flat-bulkhead Shack in the attic

Non-traditional alternative to hotel

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