Places in Moscow

Exhibition Centre All-Russia EC

Museum Historical Museum

The largest national historic museum in Russia

Museum Oceanarium

The first oceanarium in Moscow — in RIO shopping centre

Estate in the Park Pokrovo-Streshnevo

An old homestead in the north-west of Moscow in a derelict state

Monastery & museum Novodevichiy

Luminous and wondrous abode

Building Narkomfin Building

Masterpiece of architecture: a block of flats for employees of Commissariat of Finance

Underground Special object

An object under square of Paveletsky Terminal handled to subway management

Restaurant White Rabbit

Estate Kuskovo

Architectural and art ensemble of XVIII century

Cafe Didu

The clayest cafe in the world

Claster Red October

Pool Chayka

Restaurant Time Out Bar

Museum Astronautics Museum

Scientifically credible museum with aesthetically expressive exhibits and installations

Club & cafe Propaganda

Museum Museum of animation

The magical world of animation

Center for Photography The Lumiere Brothers

1000 square meters of photography

Theatre Bolshoi

One of the most significant theatres of the world has been opened after renovation

Cinema Pioner

A cinema with a museum, a bookstore and a café at Kutuzovsky Prospekt

Book store Respublica

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