Architecture Moscow

Kremlin Spassky Tower

The most interesting tower of Moscow Kremlin with chimes and Christ in icons

Building Palaty Romanovykh

House of the Romanovs

Abandoned homestead Comfort

Palace in the Kremlin Terem Palace

Terem palace was built in 1636 on order of tszar Mikhail I Fyodorovich Romanov (1596 –1645)

Museum English Court

The old english court (1555)

House Home-Egg

Amazing architecture of bizarre form

University MSU

Lomonosov Moscow State University

Creative Center Arma Factory

Building Zuyev Workers Club

Monument of constructionism architecture

Building Federation Tower

Complex of two towers

House House of 1000 aprtm.

This ‘Ship-building’ was built in 1970-1980s for Ministry of Atomic Energy

Historic Site Ferreyn's pharmacy

Building Bakhmetevsky garage

A masterpiece avant-garde building of Melnikov that previously housed a center of contemporary art

Arhitektura Dom Margarityi

Residential Building (Apartmen Savvinskoe podvore

Gate Triumphal Gate

Gates were constructed to honor victory in the war of 1812.

Tower Shukhov Tower

Hyperboloidal construction of 1922 in a form of grid shell on Shabolovka street

architecture Pyramid A. Hunger

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